Gopher Fishing In Backyard… Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers!

Gopher fishing in backyard… best way to get rid of gophers!
How we take care of gophers in our yard to keep them from eating my garden. Easy and effective keeps them under control and away from my garden.

Should we use live traps instead…
How do you set these traps?
Tip for setting trap:

Trap used in this video:

My stuff:
I use the Audio Technica AT2020 XLR because I wanted to be able to record music occasionally. If you do not need that then you could just go straight for the USB version and wouldn’t need the phantom power or extra cables. The external recorder is a must when using a cell phone and will help with audio sync when editing.

Zoom H1:
Audio-Technica AT2020:
Phantom power:
XLR to USB cable:
XLR Microphone cable:

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Girls First Time Fishing: For Snapper Off The East Coast Of Florida, With Back To Blue Adventure

Daytona Beach Fishing Charters –
Back to Blue Apparel –
Girls First Time Fishing For Snapper Off The East Coast Of Florida, With Back To Blue Adventures

Amazing Fishing At Pailin Province – Cambodia Traditional Fishing – Khmer Net Fishing (Part 317)

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Amazing Fishing at Pailin Province – Cambodia Traditional Fishing – Khmer Net Fishing (Part 317)
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Wow! Amazing Children And Beautiful Lady Fishing – Catch A Lot Of Fish – Beautiful Lady Fishing

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Wow! Amazing Children and Beautiful Lady Fishing – How To Catch Fish By Hand In Cambodia – Catch A Lot Of Fish

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Learn About Fish For Children With Blippi | Educational Videos For Kids

Join Blippi at the aquarium to learn about fish for children. Blippi makes educational videos for kids and in this Blippi video he will show you sea creatures at the Florida Aquarium. More videos for kids by Blippi in this 52 minute compilation. Watch more Blippi videos at

Blippi’s educational videos for kids in this video are:
Blippi at the aquarium. Blippi plays at the children’s museum. The theme park song. The Color Blue. and Bedtime with Blippi.

Amazing 2 Girls Fishing At Siem Reap – Cambodia Traditional Fishing – How To Catches Fish

SK fishing Channel is showing about:
Breed animals,Monkey group,fishing traditional, catching fishes snakes by Brave Beautiful Girl, please go to my channel for watch more videos my channel “SK fishing”,fishing for their life in Cambodia, how to catch fishes snakes…

More video for SK fishing Channel.
“SK fishing” these fishes snakes feed families none go to waste that being said if you don’t like it too bad.

“SK fishing”
Animal,Snakes,spider,batman,madraba, bluefin tuna net fishing morocco. some others like to use fishing net some like mosquito net or just a net to catch the fishes these are the ways how to catch the fishes

cast net in Cambodia | throw fishing net at south west of Cambodia.
“SK fishing” is CHANNEL showing wade fishing with a 12ft cast net.
amazing how many fishes Snakes can come in a big deep hole is enough for today but their fishing,catching snake the most every day is catching by children catch big snake shallow see full videos

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New Caledonia March 2009: quite simply, the world’s biggest GIANT TREVALLY on poppers. Featuring the French LPB boys and two Aussies fishing at a coral lagoon ocean barrier with GTs to 50kg+. The clip is accompanied by breathtaking scenery and intense musical score. Plenty of gear showcased plus aerial shots with this world class GT clip. As good as it gets! This is an entire episode of YouFishTV Australia, and part two of a two part special. Dont miss part 1.

When Fish Attack

Funny Fish Attack – Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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Osprey — The Ultimate Fisher

Wonderful footage of an osprey catching fish. View more osprey videos at

Hovering at moderate height, the osprey dramatically plunges down feet first to snatch fish from the water’s surface. A shake of the head as it emerges from the water; the osprey carries its skilfully captured prey with its long talons.

More osprey videos can be found on along with videos of other birds of prey, fish and thousands more fascinating species.

Beautiful Girl Fishing Amazing Fishing At Battambang How To Catch Fish By Hand Part102

Beautiful Girl Fishing – Amazing Fishing at Battambang – How To Catch Fish By Hand (Part102)

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